Enliven your Body, Heart and Taste-buds!


Next Up:

Part 4 in Glasgow, The Great Refresh!

Have you been to Sober Clubbing before?

It’s Scotland’s Positively Vibrant Dance Event with DJ’s, MC’s and Non Alcoholic Drinks Bar!


Quick FAQ’s


 What’s the average age group?

All ages, all interest groups, and all walks of life are welcome and participate!

Under 16’s please bring an adult with you 


What Music do you play?

Our DJ’s are professional sound producers and play an eclectic mix of modern electronic dance music that’s lively, melodic and great for everyone to dance to!


What Drinks do you serve?

Non Alcoholic Beers, Wines, Mocktails, Energy Drinks, Fruit Juices, Tea’s and Coffee’s

Also Raw Cacao Health Drinks to give you a glowing Heart opening high and natural stimulation just perfect for the Dance Floor!


What makes Sober Clubbing unique?

All of the above


The positively uplifting all inclusive party vibe!

The fun playful nature of each event

The chilled easy going’ness and non judgmental atmosphere

The creative themes – no event is the same!

Waking up next day feeling great, positively energised and inspired for your days ahead!

Hippy Flower Garlands, Neon Effects, Festival Face-paints and other sparkly colourful things

Different Acts and Features making each Event Unique! 


Zero Hangover!!

Awesome Energy


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Love and  thanks to the following Media and our friends for supporting us