First things first… 


What actually is Sober Clubbing? 😊


If you’ve been to Sober Clubbing before then you already know that it’s more than just a night out with no Booze 😊


Sober Clubbing is part of a Worldwide Conscious Dance movement that’s been in emergence now for the past several years.

Conscious Dance 3
Conscius Dance 2
Conscious Dance 4

You may already know of the infamous Morning Gloryville events that started in London and spread worldwide?  


And Daybreaker too which likewise takes place now in different cities around the world.


These are Morning Rave events.


Rise and Shine in London. Rainbow City in Liverpool. And of course Sober Clubbing here in Scotland take place in the evening.


As do many “Ecstatic Dance” parties that are thriving in New York, Amsterdam, Berlin, Moscow….and all over.

rise and shine

They all are alcohol and drug free Conscious Dance events with different names and experiential flavours.


And there are many others too.


They all have the purpose of encouraging us to enjoy and celebrate life fully and authentically together in healthier ways.


What motive could be any better than that?


Sober Clubbing 8


Did you know that Sober Clubbing is now taking place in Lola’s Nightclub, Glasgow?


Part 8 is happening on Friday 5th July, from 7pm until 11pm.


It follows on from Part 7 which was an amazing night that signified the establishment of Sober Clubbing now in Glasgow after its 1.5 year period of initiation into the city’s cultural consciousness.


If we can initiate “Sober Clubbing” into Glasgow. We can do it now anywhere!! 😊 Look out Edinburgh, you’re next !!




Sober Ambient Soundscapes

sober ambient

The first 45 – 60 minutes of the evening will take you into colourful panoramas of multidimensional psychedelia. With soundscapes and choons from our upcoming Sober Ambient events.


This is an opportunity to just chill, relax and settle into the Vibe whilst checking out the Glow Zone, Munchy Zone, and Non-Alcoholic Drinks Bar if you like.


Circle of Intention


Next is the Circle of Intention. We ask everyone coming to the events now to make it in (if you can) before 7:45pm for the start of this.


The Circle of Intention sets up the energy for the rest of the night and is an opportunity to make conscious connection with ourselves and each other before Raving our asses off to great tunes!!


Live Interactive Performance from Kirtan Scotland


This is a totally unique feature for Sober Clubbing this time in Part 8 as we bring some Cosmic Kirtan into the mix, to awaken your senses to the sound vibrations of your inner outer Universe! Ommmmmmm!!


We will bring together the Circle of Intention this time with the Special Live Interactive Performance from Kirtan Scotland, bringing more dynamics of Sound, Dance, Meditation and Expression into the experience.


Conscious Rave Party with DJMC Ronnie W


Expect to Party Hard and Feel Great!!


This one’s easy… We’re on the dancefloor. We dance! We rave! And we give it all we’ve got to the Sounds of Sober Clubbing from resident DJMC Ronnie W!

Blast from the Past

To keep the Old Skoolers happy we do a blast from the past at the end of the night playing Old Skool Techno Rave Classics and or Trance and EDM Anthems from the past 3 decades!


Always good for a laugh, rave, and a trip down memory lane… in unique Sober Clubbing style of course!

Every Event is Unique!

As is the case with every Sober Clubbing event we do it mostly spontaneously. Therefore, every event is different and unique. You can expect anything good to happen at any time…bloopers included!

The Features

We’re always developing the features at Sober Clubbing and have a lot for you in Part 8, including….


The Glow Zone


This is hosted by the creatively talented Naomi Johnston of Naomi’s Funhouse.


See Naomi on the night for some festivalesque face and body painting effects, Glow Sticks, Party Glam, and Trinkets.


Have a browse around to see what you like and allow Naomi to help you create and unleash the Conscious Rave Party version of yourself!!


Cacao Hot Shots and Doubles!!

Chocolate bar, cocoa beans and ground cocoa shot directly above on dark wood table. Predominant color : brown. DSRL studio photo taken with Canon EOS 5D Mk II and EF100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM

The special ingredient and fuel for every Sober Clubbing event. Cacao Shots! Now with Doubles available!!


Cacao is a Superfood that gives you a natural heart opening high and stimulation just perfect for a night of Sober Clubbing.


Served up by the lovely Fiona Sears we recommend no more than 3 double shots per night for your experience if you’re going to have some. Also drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.


Vegan Munchy Zone


Enjoy an exploration of yumminess at the Vegan Munchy Zone with tasty light snacks and Fruit served up by Fiona Sears.


Just perfect to keep your body vitalized and replenished as you burn up the dancefloor with your moves!


Non Alcoholic Drinks Bar


Complete with delicious Fruit Mocktails, Alcohol Free Beers, Various Tonics, Ginger Beer, Energy Drinks, Fruit Juice, Spring Water, and more.


If you feel to explore even more just ask the bar staff to whisk you up a custom Mocktail!!

The Holistic Zone


This is where to go for your massage and energy healing either at the beginning of the night before you rave, or throughout the night in between sessions on the dancefloor.


The Holistic Zone is yet to be confirmed for Part 8 as we organise the space within the venue for this feature. We will keep you up to date about it via the Sober Clubbing facebook page

Be there for Part 8!


You can see now for sure how Sober Clubbing is more than just a night out with no booze!! 😊


It’s a positively transcendent dance party experience that’s had a life changing effect for many since it started.


Part 8 takes place on Friday 5th July in Lola’s Nightclub, 190 Bath Street, Glasgow. From 7pm until 11pm


An amazing venue that we love! With a fantastic sound and light system that creates the perfect atmosphere for Sober Clubbing!


Tickets are now available


Get yours now from the facebook event:



Or directly from Eventbrite:

You can pay on the door if you like, it’s £10


But we recommend you book online now if you can,  it’s cheaper!


Welcome to the future Glasgow

See you on the Sober Clubbing Dancefloor!! ❤️