The Sober Clubbing Experience

Sober Clubbing originated in Glasgow in September 2015 and has since grown to become Scotland’s foremost alcohol free nightclub event operating in different cities throughout the country.

The events offer a unique futuristic nightclub experience with professional DJ’s, motivational MC’s, live performers, and different creative features and activities each time.

Alongside the dance-floor performance and activities the bar menu and drinks experience is just as colourful, varied and inspiring. Serving delicious fruit mocktails, non alcoholic beers, wines, soda’s, health drinks, energy drinks, fruit juice, tea’s and coffee’s.


Promoting your Brand

We create space at each event for different promoters and creatives to showcase their products or professions. It’s part of what our people love. To find out what’s happening new!

We integrate your brand, profession or product practically into the event activities in a way that suits you. As well as giving you comprehensive advertising and promotions through all our communications channels including:

  • Our Website:
    • Sober Clubbing Part xxx, fueled by/powered by/supported by/ or inspired by….your brand logo, product name, or profession
  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn
    • At least 2 featured posts made on each media channel on the run up to the event with your brand logo, product/profession image, name, description, website URL and or preferred social media link(s).
    • Brand, product/profession name, description and contact links featured in the event description on Facebook and Eventbrite
  • Mailing List
    • Inclusion within at least 2 x emails to our mailing list on the run up to the event featuring your brand logo, product/profession name, description, website URL and or social media link(s).
  • Online Advertising Agencies
    • Inclusion within at least 2 x online advertisements featuring Sober Clubbing Part xxx, fueled by/powered by/supported by/ or inspired by….your brand logo, product/profession name, website URL and or social link(s)
  • Poster and Flyer Distribution
    • Sober Clubbing Part xxx, fueled by/powered by/supported by/ or inspired by….your brand logo and product/profession name on all event posters and flyers distributed throughout the city of where the event is hosted.
  • Exclusive Blog Article and Reviews that you can share with your customers
    • Colourfully appealing, well written blog article fully branded with real life positive reviews and feedback about your product. Written and compiled by Sober Clubbing Founder Ronnie Whittaker. Sent to you graphically formatted for your own website and or publications, as well as being listed and made available ongoing to all visitors to


Our Reach

We reach over 50 thousand people each time in our event promotions. Audiences of specific interest groups as well as the general public.

We often also receive Mainstream Media Coverage including Radio, TV, Online News Reports and Newspapers.

Specific groups that we relate to and whom take interest in Sober Clubbing have interests in Non Alcoholic Beverages, Health and Wellness, Fitness, Yoga, Dance, and Positive Thinking. 

Ages range between 21 and 55 years old. Male and Female. Students, Professionals, and Parents.

We also relate and work with different organisations within the drinks, hospitality, health and wellness, fitness, corporate, radio and news media industries. As well as educational establishments, universities and colleges.


Our commitment

We are a very passionate, creative hard working team and enjoy working with new people and finding out about new brands. We treat the presentation and communication of your brand the same way as we do our own and will always do our best to give you a good experience working with us in a way that supports your success.


How to make it happen

Simply call or contact us via Whatsapp on 07380 446 448 to discuss and confirm your promotions at our next event



Negotiable depending on your preferences


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